Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Trip to Illinois

Last week we took the kids home to meet my relatives. The night we flew in they met Uncle Jeff and saw Grandma and Grandpa again. They were lucky enough to each have their own pack n play which was great since I don't think there woukd have been enough room for two in one! 

They slept great!

Our first day we went to the petting zoo! This has been there since I was little!

With the horse - don't they look thrilled?

With Grandma and Grandpa Aussieker

Grandpa and goat

Daddy milking the fake cow

Yes babies you have a lifetime of photos like this to look forward to!

That night we went to see their Great Grandma Aussieker. She loved them!
4 generations! 

Playing at great grandmas

Kylie and great grandma before leaving

The next day started with playing with Uncle Jeff and then a trip to meet their other Great Grandma and Great Uncle Kevin

4 generations!

Then we tried our first time at the pool. Kylie didn't hate it but Alex sure did!! In fact I couldn't even get an individual pic of him!
She's not impressed

That night they finally met Uncle Jason, Aunt Katie, and cousin Jayden! So much fun I forgot pics! The next day we got donuts then did family pics

Sorry Kylie no donuts for you

Then we spent the day letting the kids play! 

Our last day we relaxed in the morning and then the rest if our family came by!
With Grandpa....meanwhile Grandma was using her Grandma powers to get Alex to nap on her!

Kylie and Great Uncle Tom and Great Aunt Beth

Family pic

It was a wonderful time home and we can't wait til next time! 

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