Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Zoo!

IToday my work had our summer party at the zoo! It was great! Good food, good company, and it meant the kids could go to the zoo for free! The kids were very excited as you can see:

At the zoo we loaded the stroller up and off we went! 
Outside the Zoo

After lunch I won a target gift card (yay me! I never win!) then we took the kids on their first carousel ride:

They loved the up and down of the carousel! It's crazy how fast it seems to go when you are holding your little one on to make sure they don't fall! After this we were going to explore the zoo but it started pouring. So we peaked at a few animals on the run back to the car.

Tiger....saw it attack a log, hilarious

Kylie and the Cheetah....."mom are you sure this is a good idea"

The kids in front of the wild boars, you can see him behind their stroller 

Mommy, Alex, and the brown bear

Watching the bear swim!

Daddy, Kylie, and bear

After getting to the main entrance and toweling off the kids, Daddy bought them a stuffed penguin and stuffed tiger and we headed home. The kids were perfect angels at the zoo! We were there over 3 hours and they didn't cry once! They were smiley and awake the whole time! So good :)

When we got home they played with their new toys 

Mav even let Alex pet him in hopes that he could take the penguin! 

About an hour after getting home they crashed! It's hard work being cute all day ;)

Can't wait for the next zoo trip :)

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