Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas part 1

Since we are so far from our families we always travel home for the Holidays, so that generally means no Christmas at our place. We decided it would be a huge pain to bring all the kids gifts from us and Santa to my parents house so we celebrated the weekend before.....which will continue to be our Christmas. We are making it as much like Christmas as we can including having our Christmas Eve and Santa coming early so he can find us :) 
"Can we open one gift now?"

Mav was not impressed with his holiday outfit this year.

On our Christmas Eve we ordered pizza and had that and Christmas cookies for dinner. 

Then everyone put on Christmas pjs and we played with the kids. Once they were asleep Ed and I played Santa! 

All five of our stockings stuffed from Santa! (Yes the dog has a stocking and Ed and I get each other stocking stuffers)

Our tree all ready!

Once we had their Santa gifts set up we watched a Christmas movie together. The next day was our Christmas Day! I got up and got breakfast (monkey bread) in the oven and then we let the kids find their stockings. Kylie initially was excited and stared to crawl over then got distracted with a dog toy so Alex beat her there. They had fun pulling their new socks (I know, real exciting) out of their stockings. They were most excited for their new toy cars!

Checking out their Santa gifts 
I know they don't look impressed on their cars, but they really were all smiles!

Mav enjoying his new toy!

After stockings the kids drove to the Christmas tree for a photo op before opening gifts from Mommy and Daddy

We got them a playhouse, some new books, a cube toy, and new outfit each. They did really well opening gifts, they loved the tissue paper (as long as they could eat it), and loved the bows (again if they could eat it!). We did have to love their cars to another room though bc they were so distracted by the cars that initially they did not want to open gifts. (I told you, they LOVE their cars). AHere are some of my fav pics from opening gifts:


Mmmmm wrapping paper

The aftermath

Saving bows for later

By the time we were done with presents monkey bread was ready, delicious!

After breakfast the kids got dressed

We spent the rest of the day playing with new toys....aka pushing the kids on their cars over and over and over.....
Look at that smile!

Happy girl!

Needless to say by the end of the day we had two exhausted babies!

Best First Christmas with the kids EVER! 

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