Monday, December 8, 2014


I have been looking forward to the kids first Santa trip since I found out we were pregnant. Finally this weekend it was here! We had our first Santa trip at the kids daycare. They hosted a free breakfast with Santa for all the kids who attend and also had free pictures with Santa and Mrs Clause! It was such a nice thing for then to do and a great turnout! We probably waited in line for twenty minutes.

Playing right before meeting the big guy

When their turn came, we popped both kids up. We expected Alex to cry and Kylie to give him a stare down!

The kids first took in their surroundings

Then Alex briefly thought he didn't want to be there and tried to make a break for it. 
Luckily Mrs Claus calmed him down before he even started crying ( although mommy wouldn't have minded to much as that makes a hilarious picture!!!)

It was a great first Santa overall! Then on Sunday we did our Santa at the mall!

Kylie was thrilled to go!

Alex didn't see what all the fuss was 

Waiting in line

Just before meeting Santa

This was like the one second she wasn't smiling....this girl has my obsession with Christmas!

This is a photo of the photo we bought. They both were giving small smiles throughout  (again kids where are the looks of terror??? How horrible of me to say lol!!) the Santa was great! Very good with the kids and we noticed with older kids he'd sit on the floor and talk to them and play with them. He is great at what he does. This will be our yearly Santa for sure!!

After we get some ice cream with the kids. Kylie and Daddy shared cookie dough

Kylie loves ice cream! Was kicking her feet like crazy!

Alex and Mommy shared chocolate chip
Alex was literally yelling at me when I took a bite and wasn't feeding him.....I shoukd have gotten a double scoop lol!

It was a great festive weekend that we will always remember :)

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