Wednesday, October 2, 2013

19 weeks....half way there!!!

Mom, when can we stop taking these pictures?

Weeks along: 19.....officially half way there! My OB said we will not be allowed to go past 38 weeks with twins, yay for us! 

Trimester: Second

How I'm feeling: It was a rough week, in addition to the tiredness, headaches, back pain, and pain from pinched sciatic nerve this week I"ve had nausea again. To make things even more fun I've been light headed and dizzy most of the time. I thought it was low blood sugar or low blood pressure but apparently these little twinkies need so much blood my blood supply is expanding by such crazy volumes that that is why I'm dizzy and light headed like all the time. I've found laying flat helps a ton....but since I can't do that at work I've settled on a chair that reclines a good amount and then putting my feet on my desk....I look like the laziest worker ever but if it keeps me from passing out it will do :) I will say though, as crappy as I've felt the past week I wouldn't change any of it because it means I"m pregnant with Twins which is exactly what we wanted after everything we've been through (but if the babies wanted to ease up on me a little I sure wouldn't complain!)

Total Weight Gain:  13 pounds

Babies are the size of: A mango!

Movement: None yet

Cravings: Was at Target over lunch buying food for Eds diaper keg. Bought brownie mix like he requested....but that was next to the cupcakes....not sure if it was a craving or just me shopping hungry but at that moment I HAD to have the cupcakes :) (They were funfetti afterall!)

Sleep: Still able to sleep great but waking up with back pain in the morning

Wedding ring: On

Stretch marks: Nada!!

Bedrest/Restrictions: No bed-rest yet!

What I miss: Really wanted to be able to eat raw cupcake batter when I made cupcakes for the diaper keg! (Its the best part of baking!) Took all my will power to keep the spatula out of my mouth! 

Best part of the week: Ed had his diaper keg to celebrate the babies! It was really fun to throw for him and all the guys seemed to have a great time. Plus we got a ton of diapers for the twins so thanks guys!! One of my brothers flew in for the weekend as well so it was fun to see him up here for his "annual Minneapolis trip". Come back soon Jeff :)

New Baby Gear:  Nothing this week, holding off until I know the genders

What I'm looking forward to this week: The last week of not knowing what these babies are!!! Once we hit 20 weeks it is game on! As I told Ed, "Honey I gave you 20 good weeks of me being in control and not going nuts shopping for the babies....sooooo once we know what they on!" Ed's response "I should have saved more" Haha love him :)

Non baby related, I am also very excited to see family this weekend for a leukemia walk we are doing as a family on Eds side. We have matching t-shirts (that I ordered last winter so hopefully the belly still comfortably fits in it) and will be walking 2.3 miles together. Will be a very beautiful walk as it is a light the night walk. Better bust out the comfy shoes so me and the babies can comfortably get through the walk :)

On a mushy note I just want to say at this point how grateful and lucky I am for my amazing husband. He is SO good about forcing me to lay down and rest (even when I don't want to) so I don't push myself too hard. He has taken up so much of the house upkeep because some of it is hard for me to do (stupid laundry machine is too deep to reach all the clothes with a little belly now....dont even wanna know how hard it will be with a big belly!) I am so glad I get to share this experience with him. And so glad I was able to throw him a fun diaper keg to celebrate him becoming a dad!! Here are a few pics from the party:

Jeff and Ed loading the back up beer in case the keg runs out....which it did

Cupcakes I made....the color has no meaning at this point....that we know of :)

Mav supervising beer pong

The diaper some gift cards, thanks everyone!
On that note I think its time to watch the Voice from this week! Bring on week 20 and knowing what these babies are!!! :)

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