Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Twins are......

On Saturday we had a gender reveal party with our parents (thanks for all traveling 8+ hours to be a part of it!) and some close friends in the metro. It is SO nice to finally have the secret out (we've known since October 4 what the babies are!!). I was very lucky to have my mom and Eds mom around to help decorate, prep food, and clean. I was pretty prepared going into the party but it was a lot of work on the actual day so I can't thank them enough for all the help! (And making me lay down for a bit while they got stuff ready so I didn't get to tired....which I'll admit I did need to do!)

Now on to the party details! First off.....the theme was ties and tutus! Here are some decoration pics: 

Old Wives Tales Board

Pretty pink and blue flowers

Made the flag banner above the fireplace....not gonna lie, very proud of my work! Thanks to the mom's for helping hang it...apparently pregnant people shouldn't be up on chairs


Front door...thanks for making these mom!

Front walk

The cake!! One tier for each baby

Our baker did amazing

Fruit bowl my mama made!

Right before we cut the cake to show the genders we took pics of everyone's guess: 
Mav's choice

Family picture :)

2 Girls

2 Boys

One of each!

Ready to cut the cake
And the big reveal:

video to come....hopefully....i'm having difficulties getting it loaded!

And a few more pics from the reveal party:
We are having a boy AND a girl!!! Best of both worlds! Not sure if Mav is more interested in the cake or his new siblings ;)

Family picture!
It was a fantastic party. After the party we did some shopping for the twins since we finallllly had the genders. Their closet has definitely grown over the weekend! Thanks again to everyone who helped us celebrate the genders!!  We are so excited we'll be having a little boy and a little girl!!!


  1. So excited for you both - and us too! Great weekend. Can't wait to get back up there and do more shopping. :)

  2. Thanks so much for coming!!!! Glad we could share with all our parents :)