Friday, October 18, 2013

21 weeks

Didn't get around to a picture this week, but if you look at the gender reveal post you can see the ever growing belly there! 

Weeks along: 21

Trimester: Second

How I'm feeling: More or less of the same....tired, nausea, headaches, sciatica, back pain, dizzy. Luckily I do have periods I feel good between all of this! 

Total Weight Gain:  16 pounds! Not quite what they wanted me to gain but the doctor was not too concerned so I'm not going to be worried unless she is

Babies are the size of: A carrot (should have done a picture this week, I can actually draw a carrot)!

Movement: They are both moving now to the point where I can feel them. I'm pretty sure A was picking on his sister yesterday because he was moving like crazy and then after he stopped she decided to get even....thanks kids, I didn't want to be focused at work anyways ;)

Cravings: None

Sleep: Out cold every night. So greatful I have no trouble sleeping yet as I'm sooooo tired each day

Wedding ring: On

Stretch marks: Nada!!

Bedrest/Restrictions: No bed-rest yet!

What I miss: Being allowed to help with cleaning, cooking, etc. I mean its nice to have a little break but I feel soooo lazy sitting on the couch while someone else does it for me. 

Best part of the week:  The Gender Reveal party. The secret is finally out (boy and a girl WAHOO!) and the shopping can begin!!  It was so wonderful to have all our parents here (first time they've all been together since our wedding over 4 years ago!!!). We had some of our closest friends at the party as well which was special. Truly can not thank everyone enough who gave up part of their Saturday to spend with us and find out what the Twins are, we are very lucky with the friends and family we have! I also took 2 days off before the reveal which gave me time with the moms. I spent Thursday having a pamper me day with my mom (manis, pedis, light shopping, and then saw Wicked!) Super fun day. We also finished some of the decorations for the gender reveal party. Then Friday we met up with Eds mom and did lunch, more shopping, and then they were awesome and got things ready for the party and I rested (well reluctantly rested, I wanted to help but apparently it was not an option)

New Baby Gear:  Where to start!!! 2 cribs, 2 dressers, 1 rocking chair, all the rails to convert cribs to toddler beds then full beds. TONS and I mean TONS of adorable clothes!!!  The twins have a decent sized closet they will be sharing and between me, Ed, and the grandmas that closet is at least half full with the cuuuuutest clothes. My personal favorites so far are a hot pink with glitter tutu for her (why was there not an adult version?) and cute little black and white plaid collared shirt onesie with nice pants for Him (daddy has a similar shirt minus the onesie feature....hello family pictures!)

What I'm looking forward to this week: The arrival of all the nursery furniture (UPS man is going to hate us!). Registering for our baby showers. Ed painting the nursery (we know one color we are doing I just have to make up my indecisive mind on if we need to do 2 colors based on what bedding I choose...I've only changed my mind 10 times already). A weekend where I can just sit on the couch and read magazines and relax with my two boys, we've had 3 busy busy weekends in a row and this mama to be is ready for a lazy one! 

Promise to take a belly pic next week! I'm sure I will look like a freaking whale by then! Geesh these kids are growing nonstop.

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